Monday, 23 November 2015

Over the course of the month I've been trying to give my wardrobe a proper clear out; the first stage was to get rid of everything that was well past its due date, the second was to send everything that was still in good nick, but didn't fit anymore to the charity shop and the third was to identify the things that were nice enough to sell, but just don't suit my style anymore. I've freed up a lot of space in my wardrobe, and while I don't want to just fill it back up again in one go, I've identified a few things that are missing: a well-cut black blazer, a biker jacket, a smart scarf and knitwear. All of my jumpers had gone bobbly and misshapen and nearly all of them had to go in the bin (!!), so it's no wonder I've been pinning pictures of cosy knits like crazy.

When I was at school, a Mufti Day was a no-uniform day, where we could wear jeans or whatever else we wanted instead of our usual kilts and jumpers. At the weekend I just want to hunker down in cosy sweaters, jeans and knitted tracksuit bottoms without feeling like a slob, so I'm readopting Mufti as my word for dressing down with style and investing in good quality knitwear that I can wear for work or weekend. I have a pretty relaxed approach to dressing, so it's important that the things I do wear are the best they can be to make sure I still look pulled together; at work, slouchy jumpers are easy to wear with cropped cigarette pants and pencil skirts, while at the weekend they go with just about everything else.


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