Friday, 13 November 2015

I try not to write about work on this blog, but sometimes it's inevitable. I'm not sure how to introduce this post, so I'll just start with this: I work with a girl who is really inspiring. She is resilient and composed (not to mention super stylish) and when I saw this quote on her instagram, it made perfect sense about the way she is as a person and the purposeful way she approaches everything she does.

I think the idea behind the quote is just that whatever you are doing - whether it excites you or not - you have to approach it in the same way, with the same passion, excitement and attention to detail. Of course, you don't have to love taking the rubbish out just as much as you do gossiping with girlfriends...but on a more macro level, I think it rings true. Treat waiters and ticket office staff with the same courtesy you would show your boss; do a favour for someone as if you were benefiting from it yourself (because you are!); put the same effort into a letter to your grandma as you would an important presentation. I don't want to start using the word intention - ugh - but I suppose it is about that, about doing things with purpose and knowing that everything fits into the bigger picture.

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