Wednesday, 9 December 2015

I read a lot of magazines, but Red is the only one I religiously save back issues of. In fact, I didn't realise it, but I've been reading it for about 4 years and it has slowly become my weekend morning ritual or my bedtime read when just one article is all I'm after. I know this is starting to sound like a bit of a gush-fest, but their Christmas issues are one of my favourite ways to get into the festive mood so I thought I would share 6 Christmas ideas to steal from the archives.

2013: Host A Mince Pie Night
I'm really bad at having friends over - I always feel like my flat isn't really set up for entertaining and there's too much washing up to do afterwards (a dishwasher for Christmas, please?). This year I still want to have friends over, but with less of the hassle, so I'm hosting a mince pie night! A few bowls of crisps, a plate of cheese and antipasti and lovely hot mince pies - I'm going the easy route with puff pastry and shop-bought mincemeat with little stars on top and a dusting of icing sugar.

2011: Fake A Wreath
I love the look of a wreath, but fresh ones can be expensive. I love this cluster of decorations - the big honeycomb bell adds texture and volume while silver faux foliage is a chic way to do tinsel - and think a few of these would look sweet dotted around the house. If we had a staircase, there would definitely be one of these hanging off the bottom of the banisters.

2011: Make A Ham
Okay, this isn't an idea per say but I am obsessed with ham and this marmalade-glazed one looks amazing. We have a friend moving in with us for a few months - when he lived with us before I introduced him to little cocktail sausages cooked in marmalade and mustard and he gave me a huge jar of marmalade, so now I know just what to do with it! Get a nice big one; everyone appreciates leftover ham.

2012: Christmas Doesn't Have To Be Red And Green
I loved this Italian-inspired spread from a few years ago. I love the cosiness of an English Christmas with open fires and lots of green foliage, but the image above shows that warmer climes can still be festive. You don't have to sacrifice your interiors style for traditional Christmas colours!

2014: You Can't Go Wrong With A Jamie Oliver Christmas
Jamie Oliver's team must test and test and test again all his recipes because they always seem to turn out just right. A few years ago, Jamie's Best Ever Christmas was on TV and that year my mum and I used his turkey method - butter and herbs under the skin - his crispy roast potato method and his sweet leek and turkey pie recipe and Christmas bombe for Boxing Day. I also use his turkey carving method and can vouch for it not just for Christmas turkey, but your average Sunday roast chicken too.

2015: No Room For A Tree?
If you have room for a trolley full of presents, you probably have room for a Christmas tree, but not everyone has one and I think this stack of presents looks very inviting indeed! My family like lots of little presents to open because we draw the whole process out, opening one each at a time and we can be at it for hours. This would also be a really cool idea for an advent calendar; I've seen lots of DIY advent calendar ideas pop up this year...imagine rummaging through this pile to find each day!

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  1. Aw I love this, I've never had a magazine I've been reading for years! I've been loving all of Jamies recipes, they are really awesome. I'm cooking a Christmas meal this weekend but still don't know what I'm making!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte