Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It's December! Christmas has been on my mind since October, but December 1st is the day I finally let myself get out my Christmas box. The Christmas box is where I hide away all my treasures, neatly packed up so they're easy to find and bring me joy every year when I get to unwrap everything and remember what's inside.

My family Christmas tree is a haphazard mix of ornaments collected from our childhood years; there are rusty metal ornaments, bizarre crafts and laminated drawings that go on the tree every year. To me, it makes the ritual of decorating the Christmas tree so much more magical to have ornaments that mean something, rather than a colour scheme of generic baubles and tinsel. For that reason, I've consciously collected a small but special array of (admittedly odd) Christmas decorations. When we first moved into our flat four years ago, our tree was a bit bare, but every year I treat myself to a few new decorations - the Paperchase caravan this year - and my mum usually picks up something weird for me from Petersham Nurseries. My other favourite places to buy decorations are Anthropologie and markets; the little glass mushrooms came from Sunbury Antiques Market.

This year it seems like I haven't had enough time to think up any Christmas crafts, let alone get a start on making any. A few years ago I made pinecones rolled in glitter and last year I made clay ornaments; I'm glad I saved a few blank ones for any last-minute gifts this year.

Saved for Christmas
One of the things I'm fastidious about is making sure that I pack away everything Christmas-related before January 5th. Christmas pyjamas, tea towels and cushion covers go back in the box without fail, otherwise I know I would just end up using them throughout the year. Ditto candles; as well as making sure I only burn Christmas scents at the right time of year and my candles don't gather dust or get lost, they also make the whole box smell amazing, which is one of my favourite things when I open it up.

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