Friday, 24 June 2016

Long time, no blog! It's been a while since I got something up on the blog, mostly because we've had our hands full (overflowing, actually) with Baki and while I've been desperate to get some food posts up, there just hasn't been much time for cooking! One thing we have been speeding along with, however, is wedding plans. In the whirlwind of getting the dog, being bridesmaid at my brother's wedding and then going to Scotland for the wedding of an old school friend, I hadn't given our wedding much thought at all...until I realised it's less than 3 months to go! In an epic feat of 'getting my butt into gear', I've (we've - Darren has a surprising amount of opinions!) whizzed off endless questions to our venue, had my dress fitted by my amazing bridesmaid/chief seamstress, booked in a hair and make-up trial with a colleague's sister, decided on wedding invitations, ordered wedding shoes (the Sophia Webster beauties above, which I'm devastated to have to return as they're too small!), booked music, organised a bridesmaid/groomsmen knees up, booked honeymoon flights, squeezed in a photo booth booking and bought bridesmaids dresses and shoes. Phew! There's still much to do, but it's all come together in the best possible way and I'm only feeling slightly neurotic about the whole thing now.

Originally I had a very zen attitude towards the wedding, but I've come to realise that's because there were plenty of things I didn't think we wanted/needed. I hate to think of the stress levels of people who are actually organising a wedding, rather than just a big party, which is pretty much what we're having! We werent going to have much by way of decoration, just lots of flowers, but now that all the big things are out of the way I have gone into detail overdrive; yes, we need personalised beer mats, candles in the bathroom, silly straws and so on. However the day turns out, I can't wait for the day to get here and already getting sad because everyone says how quickly it goes past!

p.s. if anyone has suggestions for a stick on bra for big boobs, I will love you forever.


  1. Aww those shoes are so beautiful, I feel your pain! I'm sure you will find something else though! So exciting that the wedding is coming up so soon. It sounds like you're pretty under control :)

    I'm just getting started with initial bookings and it's all a bit daunting, though ours is going to be pretty relaxed as well! x

  2. Those shoes are divine! Obviously we only know so much but it sounds like you've gone through the process unscathed, which is how it should be! You must be so excited, I'm excited for you! x