Friday, 21 October 2016

When we got engaged, it was a no brainer that I would ask my friend Jo to be our photographer. The day we pinned down our date I was straight on Whatsapp checking if she was free. And luckily she was! Jo works in a relaxed, documentary style and I think she really captured the mood of our wedding: intimate, easygoing and full of laughter. I have a few more wedding posts to come, but first I just wanted to share my favourite photos from the day - scroll right to the bottom for a few thoughts on choosing a photographer.

Woop! You made it to the end! That second to last picture is me and Jo :)

The best things about having a friend as your wedding photographer: they won't think you're neurotic when you have a million and one questions, they're going to be at your wedding all day so it helps that you like them!, when you know they know the things and moments that are important to you and when they're just as excited about your wedding as you are - Jo actually came rushing out of the room where we were going to have our meal (before I had seen it) and went, 'oh my gosh it looks so good. Like, really good.' And, of course, getting to re-hash the day after she sent the photos over; it's been so fun seeing which photos are my favourite versus which ones she loves.

Right, on to choosing your wedding photographer and some thoughts about the wedding photography process. Obviously it was very simple for me as I didn't have to actually 'choose', but here goes:

Like them! It's hard to get to know someone over e-mail and just because they take beautiful pictures, doesn't mean that you and them will be on the same wavelength. You'll be 'working' together, keeping in touch in the time leading up to your wedding, so you need to get along. Jo, as I hope most photographers do, schedules a coffee (or, at the least, a Skype session) so that you can meet, discuss your day and generally get a vibe for each other. This is one of the things you are likely to spend the most money on, so, as with all things wedding, if you don't like something, say so; it's better to be upfront than to regret it later! If you have an initial meeting with your photographer and you don't like them, it's okay to go with someone else.

Figure out the pictures you absolutely need, and let your photographer do the rest. Jo sent me a form to get details like the address where we were getting ready, the details of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, etc. and the main question: which picture are most important to you? I knew I wanted a great confetti shot (which we got!!) and luckily our confetti faces aren't completely crazy looking! I also wanted portraits by the bus, a group shot of the whole party outside the pub and photos with both sets of parents.

But don't go overboard. In hindsight, I really would have liked to get some better pictures with our families - you're a bit hurried on the front steps of the Town Hall - BUT I'm 100% certain that the reason our day felt so relaxed and flowed so well was because we didn't spend ages trying to coordinate all of the different photos, and we just left Jo to get on with it and do what she does best.

Trust the photographer. I feel like this should be made into a poster! On the day, just relax and let your photographer take the lead; there's no need for you to be worrying if they have 'got the shot'. If they tell you to stand somewhere else, the light is probably better; if they say 'quick get outside now', it's probably because the photo is going to be worth it. But you also probably don't want your photographer barking at you all day - 'stand here, do this, don't smile like that', etc. - so if you feel like they are going to be that type of person...see my first tip and don't book them!

Feels good to blog again :) Especially with lovely pictures to boot! Have a few more wedding-y posts next week about the dress, the venue and the decorations and DIY elements and then we're off to Japan for a cheeky 'second' honeymoon.

All gorgeous, wonderful, amazing photos by Joanne Crawford.


  1. Congratulations! Your wedding photos are so lovely and you look beautiful! Absolutely love the dress. We booked Jo as our photographer for next year too, and seeing your snaps has made me even more excited!


  2. Congratulations! You look gorgeous and everything looks so lovely.

    Natasha x