Wednesday, 16 November 2016
Posting a little out of order here, but I wanted to squeeze in a little food post as it's been a while! Hands down the best thing we did on our 'second honeymoon' in Tokyo was go to a sushi making class. My friend's boyfriend booked the four of us into a class at the Tokyo Sushi Academy in Tsukiji and the school's close proximity to Tokyo's fish market (seeing this was the second best thing to happen that day) meant we had our pick of some of the world's freshest fish!

The class lasted 90 minutes and for Y4000 we were advised by our hilarious tutor to 'eat as much as you can make'. Luckily, we mastered the art of rolling rice balls and shaping nigiri sushi quite quickly and managed to enjoy a proper buffet of salmon, tuna, squid, scallops, mackerel and more. Everything was so delicious and it was really satisfying to make it all ourselves. I'm not sure we'll be practising our newfound skills to much back in England, as it's hard to get ahold of sushi-grade fish, but it was such a brilliant way to spend a Saturday lunchtime.

Oh! And if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll remember I posted about our trip to Tsukiji last year and how I'm obsessed with tamagoyaki, the Japanese omelette sushi. Well, at the end of the class there was a rack of costumes, so of course I made a beeline for the egg!

On our trip this year, these were really the only photos I took. We were just enjoying totally relaxing and eating our way around Tokyo, but if you're interested, I compiled some practical tips for visiting Japan last year, with a link to lots of posts and pictures at the end. If you love to travel and you're interested in Japan, I really recommend giving them a read - in fact, I might go and relive them all again myself!

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