Saturday, 11 February 2017
Teatourist is a brand that combines two of my favourite gifting philosophies: consumables and 'gifts that keep on giving'. Lately, I want to receive gifts that don't take up too much space in our already-cluttered home. But I also like receiving gifts that take me by surprise, which is where monthly subscriptions come in. I've already written about how I sent my brother a different book every month for six months and, in turn, he gifted me an art subscription where I receive an original print through my letterbox every month!

Anyway, that's where Teatourist comes in. They have kindly sent me two of their monthly subscriptions boxes, which feature a selection of teas that they hand-pick from independent companies - both loose leaf and tea bags; the marzipan rooibos has been a particular favourite, as I'm trying to drink less caffeine. They are cleverly designed to fit through the letterbox, so you don't have to be in when the postman comes, and each bundle of tea comes with a cheat sheet offering brewing instructions and flavour notes.

Such is the humble nature of the brand - or perhaps the confidence they have in their product - that Teatourist assured me I didn't have to write a blog post (or even a social post) about them. But for tea lovers or as a thoughtful gift, I think they're on to something! If you'd like to try them out, you can use my code CATHERINE30 to get 30% off your first box.

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