Thursday, 27 April 2017
There are a lot more of these non-alcoholic babies on the horizon because...I'm pregnant! When this post goes live I'll be about 18 weeks along, so nearly halfway through. The last month we have slowly been telling family and friends, but it's felt weird not mentioning it online; not that I have been wanting to do a big 'reveal' - actually the whole idea of it makes me quite shy! - but there have been a few times on Twitter where I've wanted to be like, 'sorry, what happens when the baby is a week old!!?' etc. and not been able to join in.

I had a version of these coolers on a work night out and it turned out that no one really noticed I wasn't drinking...but I have to admit that I wouldn't fancy four of these on the trot, but I would not say no if there was a wee dram of gin in there. Only 4 months to go! To be honest, I haven't missed drinking, because I can count on one hand the number of drinks I usually have in a normal month, but it's the social situations which I have found difficult, because I really associate drinking with celebrating or getting giggly with friends.

Without further ado, here is the super easy recipe and, after the recipe, I've rounded up a few things that have surprised me in the first months of pregnancy.

Make a single serving or mix in a jug for a party
Belvoir lime and lemongrass cordial
Cloudy apple juice
Fresh ginger/lemongrass (optional)
Crushed ice - I blended mine in our NutriNinja
Soda/fizzy water

Muddle the cordial (according to serving instructions, 1 part cordial to 8 parts water/juice) with the mint leaves using the end of a rolling pin or a wooden spoon. For a version with extra zing, add some finely sliced ginger or lemongrass at this point.

Pour in the apple juice - I did 1 part cordial, 4 parts juice, 4 parts fizzy water. Shovel in the ice - a generous serving makes it feel more cocktail-y and stops you drinking it too quickly - and top up with the soda water. Serve immediately.

For a boozy version, add a shot of gin per person.

A few things that have surprised me about pregnancy so far...

Cravings! I haven't had any! Do they come later? What I found difficult in the first few months was that I just didn't really know what I wanted to eat - for someone who is used to planning tomorrow's dinner while still eating today's lunch, it's been quite challenging to just not feel like eating anything in particular, especially when I really didn't fancy eating a lot of my usual go-tos: eggs, meat or anything saucy (un-cravings, I called them). The result: cheesy pasta for dinner and ham sandwiches on white bread with lots of crispy iceberg lettuce.

Morning sickness? I was dreading being ill - I don't deal well with throwing up and I was really worried about feeling queasy on the tube every morning, as I'm usually susceptible to motion sickness. However, I haven't been ill at all - my main symptom has been really sore boobs. This might be TMI, but it's not like normal tender breasts that you might get around your period, but at times (when it's cold, mainly) it has felt like someone has taken an apple corer to my nipple. Shudder.

Things I thought I not being able to eat sushi (one thing I have felt like eating, because it's cool and fresh) are not necessarily 100% true. Turns out, sushi is fine if the fish has been frozen first, which large chains will have done, and that runny eggs are also okay (ergo, cake batter too) if they have the red crown stamp. The NHS website has been so helpful!

Going to the loo in the night. This is something I was expecting to be a thing later on in pregnancy when the baby is pressing against your bladder, but it turns out that your hormones are doing all sorts of things at the very beginning to get your body ready for growing a baby and the extra progesterone in your body makes you need to get up in the night for a quick dash to the loo - or give you weird dreams in an attempt to wake you up and make you go to the bathroom! Just last night I dreamt a man in a wheelchair with a dog on his lap let me jump the queue in a department store to use the loo...and the loo seat was branded with Trump. Very odd.

Am I pregnant? Unless you go and get a private scan, you don't actually 100% know if you're pregnant until the 12 week scan! I'm sure I've seen on (American) tv shows that you get a blood test to confirm your pregnancy when you first visit the doctor, so I was expecting this when I booked in to see my GP, but all he did was congratulate me, take my blood pressure and give me a booklet. I left a bit bemused, to say the least!

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