Thursday, 21 September 2017

Dr. Oetker got in touch just before I stopped working to ask if I'd like to try their new range of Bake In Box cakes. A cake mix is something I would always steer clear of, as I just don't think they taste as good as the real thing made with fresh eggs and butter, but who am I to say no to free cake? And, considering I'm going to be quite short of time in the near future, the appeal of a cake mix that requires next to no washing up is riding high at the moment.

Yesterday morning, when I'd forgotten to top up my supply of green smoothie ingredients, cake for breakfast seemed like a pretty good substitute. Inside each box - I was sent double chocolate, banana and lemon and poppyseed - there's a sachet of cake mix which you pour into the box and top up with 100ml of milk. You mix it together with a fork and pop it in the oven to bake, straight in the packet, so the only thing you have to wash up is the fork and a measuring jug...although if they put a 'fill to here' line inside the box then you wouldn't even need to wash a jug!

Being 100% honest, this is not the same as a 'real cake' - the absence of butter really does make all the difference to me. But for a quick and easy alternative when you're in a hurry, the cakes are pretty good; what you get is a lovely and light, muffin-like texture and, provided you follow the instructions, it should be perfectly cooked every time. Of the three flavours, the banana has been my favourite (I added a handful of dark chocolate chips), which I had for breakfast with a dollop of creme fraiche and the dregs of the fruit bowl. Plus, at around 140 calories per slice, it's not as 'indulgent' as a slice of lemon drizzle, which is a plus when you're partial to a slice of cake at 8am!

While I don't think the cakes will be a regular fixture on my shopping list, there's definitely something to be said for having a stash of these in the cupboard should you have unexpected guests. It's also worth saying I'm a fairly confident baker - 5 years working in a tearoom means I can get a cake in the oven in less than 10 minutes. So, while these might not be something I'll be relying on, if you're not a keen cook but you and your family appreciate like-homemade food, then I think you'll like these.

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