Monday, 18 December 2017

And so it's the week before Christmas! Being on maternity leave feels like being in a tiny babyproof bubble and even though we have our Christmas tree up and I've made Christmas cake with my brother and mum, I'm definitely missing the festive cheer that comes with being in an office. Besides the Secret Santa gifts, Christmas parties and endless boxes of Quality Street, simply being around lots of people every day in December means conversation naturally turns to Christmas more often than not. I keep telling myself that I'm going to do something Christmassy to get me in the holiday spirit, and now with only a week to go I better get cracking! And hitting publish on this blog post will hopefully help me stick to it.

MONDAY Go see the Christmas lights in central London. I haven't been into town since the week before I gave birth and the idea of tackling the London Underground is a little bit daunting, but I have a bit of shopping and lunch in Soho on the cards so it's as good a chance as any to show Icarus the Christmas lights.

TUESDAY Wrap Christmas presents while listening to Michae Buble (or Disney Christmas songs - the different voices bring such joy to my baby's ears). And this will leave a few days spare to fill any present gaps!

WEDNESDAY Watch a Christmas film - Love Actually has just come to Netflix.

THURSDAY Make mince pies. I might only be able to manage a sheet of puff pastry and a jar of readymade mince, but my mince pie count has been seriously lacking this year.

FRIDAY Driving home for Christmas! I'm heading to my mum and dad's, and there's nothing like being spoiled by your own parents to unwind for the big day.

What are you doing to get in the Christmas mood?

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