Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Icarus' first birthday is coming up, and we don't even live in this space anymore, so clearly it's a good time to share his bedroom! When I was pregnant, we knew we would be selling our flat at some point during his first year, but it was still important for me to create a special space for him - not because I wanted somewhere instagram-worthy, and not even for the baby, who wouldn't remember it, but because, in my head, this will always be his first bedroom. This cosy little box room used to be painted navy, and the only full-on hormonal meltdown I had during my whole pregnancy was when Darren said, 'it's just a room, he's not even going to remember it, let's just keep it how it is.' And I went nuts and said I cared about it more than our wedding! Ha!

Anyway, I wasn't going to share these photos as they're just iPhone snaps that have already been on my instagram, but I've been thinking a lot lately about how babies don't need much. Obviously, this bedroom already has so much more than some kids have, and I know plenty of people who don't decorate their baby's rooms as they're not using them yet - Icarus didn't actually use this room until he was 8 months...and then we moved a month later! - but, with new babies, there is just such an emphasis on stuff. Because Icarus just had this little room, and we knew we were moving, I tried to keep his things to a minimum (full disclosure: we had a jumperoo in the front room). It has been much easier to keep on top of storage because we only bought new stages of clothing as we needed them, and at each stage he just had 6 vests, 3-6 sleepsuits and about 5 outfits that we could mix and match and rotate - so anyone overwhelmed by how much a baby 'needs'...they only 'need' as much as you buy. 

Luckily, the room was just big enough for a chest of drawers (found on Gumtree, doubled up as a changing table), a little nightstand and his cot, which is the mini cot from Mokee (which I LOVE - we originally had it in our bedroom with the side taken off as a sort of co-sleeper. It's not recommended for this, but the baby was nestled in the Sleepyhead and the side went back on once he wasn't in the nest anymore). We moved just as Icarus was starting to crawl, so luckily we didn't have to put the pictures on the wall, and the art didn't cost us a penny as they were all pieces repurposed from elsewhere in the flat. 

Always in favour of small rooms for small people, I hope we can recreate such a sweet space for him in our new place.

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